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  1. At Manage Account > Create / Edit Pet > About The Pet section, click on "PetGPT AI Writer".
  2. Review your pet description, then choose your preferred Tone & Mood, Writing Style, Perspective, Content Length and Language
  3. Click "Generate" — PetGPT will work its magic!

Tone & Mood
Affectionate. Witty. Hopeful. Compassionate. Funny. Sarcastic. Sad. Desperate. Ecstatic.

The speaking tone to use and mood you wish to create. Select those that best suit your pet's scenario. Create a good laugh, or deeply touch the hearts of readers!
Writing Style
Descriptive 🌷 Depicts imagery to create a clear picture in the reader's mind
Persuasive 💪Attempts to convince the reader of the writer's opinion
Academic 📕Polite, refined, with a good command of vocabulary
Fantasy ✨Creative, magical elements from the medieval world of fantasy
Poem 🧾Tell your story with a beautifully crafted poem
Q & A ❓Fun, creative interview Q & A. Best used with Pet Perspective!
PetNarrating the story as the pet
HumanPresenting the story as the owner / rescuer
Content Length
StandardArticle length, up to 300 words
CompactShort and concise, up to 80 words. Good for social media posts.
Generate the content in English (recommended), Bahasa Melayu or Chinese. Your original text can be in one of these languages, and PetGPT will automatically translate it into the preferred language.
Please refer to FAQ for writing tips

Original Text: Skitty is a cute female stray dog with a stumpy tail. She loves eating and has a bottomless belly. She is a super smart dog, and when there is food, she will perform lots of amazing tricks! Her favorite pastime is wildlife watching, looking at birds, fishes and tortoises.
Affectionate Tone, Descriptive Style, Pet Perspective

Hi there! My name is Skitty and I am a cute, lovable female dog with a stumpy tail that wags at the sight of anyone who even tilts their head in my general direction. I was once a stray, but I don't let that affect my fun-loving attitude. I am a true foodie and my belly seems to have a bottomless pit. However, I don't judge others for not loving food as much as I do. Instead, I just wag my tail and send love their way.

I am a super smart dog, and my humans are always impressed by my incredible abilities. When there is food in the vicinity, I go into full performer mode and showcase a wide range of amazing tricks. It's like a real-life magic show! I love to show off my skills, but it's really just an excuse to enjoy some treats. Who wouldn't want to do that?

My favorite pastime is decidedly less taxing than doing tricks for treats, and it involves wildlife watching. Watching birds, fish, and even tortoises accumulate near the edge of the water or on trees has an almost meditative quality that I find incredibly soothing. There's something special about nature and the way it transforms anything into a peaceful haven. And that's exactly what the animals and nature have become to me- a peaceful and happy escape.

So, if you're looking for a smart, loving, and food-obsessed companion who enjoys the simple joys of life like watching wildlife, then I am the dog for you. I am eager to find my forever home and I promise to be the best friend you could ever imagine. Let's meet soon, shall we?

Nibbles are bite-sized points highlighting crucial aspects of a pet, allowing prospective adopters to understand the most significant information with a quick glance.

Showcased on pet profiles, this summary is automagically generated by our PetGPT AI Writer based on the pet description, available in English, Bahasa Melayu and Chinese. The full pet write-up is also automatically translated between these 3 languages for wider exposure.

This is an experimental feature. Please inform us of any inaccuracies or problems.

How much does PetGPT cost?
It is FREE if you have PetGPT credits. We have distributed over RM35,000 of free credits to rescuers during the launch, and will continue granting more over time as we receive donations.

Each AI writing requires 1 credit. If you wish to create more writings, it will only cost a small fee of RM0.99 RM2.00 (50% off)! You can top up your account balance here.

PetFinder is required to pay technical infrastructure and OpenAI licensing fees for every word generated by PetGPT, so this small fee will help subsidize our costs.

At RM0.99, PetGPT is likely a hundred times cheaper (and faster!) than hiring a copywriter!

How do I view my previous PetGPT writings?
After launching PetGPT, please click on the top History tab to view past writings for that pet.

How do I improve the writing results?
PetGPT will try to closely follow the tone, style, perspective, etc that you chose. How effective the result is largely depends on your original content.

Below are ways to improve your results:
  • Write your original content in simpler sentences. Complex structure may reduce PetGPT's ability to infuse new style and tone.
  • Include important pet characteristics, background story and other details. This will give PetGPT more points to write on.
  • Try not to use too many emojis or other non-standard characters in the content, as this may hinder PetGPT's understanding of the sentence.

Am I allowed to use this content elsewhere?
Yes, certainly! Feel free to use it anywhere and everywhere. That is our primary aim, to help rescuers create more impactful pet profiles, be it on PetFinder, blogs or social media.

For social media, we suggest that you use the Compact content length to keep it concise and effective.

What types of pets are supported?
All animal types on PetFinder are supported. PetGPT automatically recognizes the type, gender and statuses (i.e. adoption, lost & found) based on your pet profile.

How many words would the generated content be?
The content is generated on a best-effort basis by the AI system. The word count listed (300 words for Standard, 80 for Compact) only serve as guidelines for the system, but the actual content length depends on many factors, such as your original content's details and the writing style. So Standard content could potentially have up to 300 words, but not necessarily so; while Compact content may end up with more words.

Can I use PetGPT to create non-pet content?
PetGPT is specifically tailored for pet-related content. If you fill in content unrelated to a pet, the results may not be as expected (you can still try!).

Is PetGPT available on PetFinder website and app?
Yes! You can access it when creating / editing pet profiles at both our desktop website and mobile app.

Something doesn't work. Can you help me?
If you have any questions, please contact us for further assistance.

Terms & Conditions
By using PetGPT, you agree to the following Terms & Conditions:
  • Any credits used or fees paid are non-refundable
  • PetFinder is not responsible for any content generated by PetGPT
  • PetGPT may not be used to create content deemed abusive or in violation of the user country's laws. Any such occurences will result in the termination of the user's account.