Misty, The Sweetheart
29th Jan 2023
7 Mths, Female
Calico Mix Cat
Not Spayed, Vaccinated, Dewormed
Damansara Damai, Selangor
About The Pet
Misty is an affectionate little kitten, who likes being in your arms. She loves to be held and stroked, and makes the loudest purring sounds when you do it! At playtime, she will chase a ball all around the room, and leaps high into the air to catch the feather on a stick. If you are working, she is curious to see what you are doing, and will sit watching your every move. Her favourite time though is cuddle time!

Misty was rescued at a few weeks old, along with kittens Lily and GD, (see their Petfinder listings) so is very comfortable with people, and very loving. She would be an excellent pet for a family with children or an individual.

As kittens are very adventurous, we could not adopt Misty into an apartment unless it was well cat-proofed, as she could accidentally and tragically fall.

Misty will be vaccinated when she is old enough, and must be spayed when at 5 months.

Could you give this bundle of love a forever home? Please whatsapp for more details.
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