1st Dec 2022
1 Yr, Male
Domestic Short Hair Mix Cat
Not Neutered, Vaccinated, Dewormed
Shah Alam, Selangor
About The Pet
😸 Cat For Adoption 😺

Though its not fault on its own, Putu is up for adoption. Here is a little bit about Putu:

😸Putu is a 9 month beautiful domestic male cat with pointed coloration.

😸 Clingy, work best around people giving him moderate attentions. He is sweet, will sleep around you but dislike being held for too long.

😸 He will never scratch, or bite you. This make grooming very easy.

😸 He is not for enclosed space, work best in a place with plenty of area to discover. He is adventurous, but will follow you back home if you see him on the street.

😸 He is not picky about his food, generally clean. But sometimes when he have upset stomach, he might poop around your neighborhood. So be careful not to offend your neighbors.

😸Putu has been vaccinated (first cycle) and dewormed , but still intact (belum sunat) if you wish to breed him and (responsibly ofc) he is of a beautiful breed, a pointed cat.

Reasons for adoption;
☹️ Putu parent is working long hours. So it is hard for him to give Putu enough attention.

☹️ Putu parent live in a apartment. So he is not able to give Putu space he needed.

😽 With Putu adoption you will be given:
- One week worth of food & a bag of cat litter and litterbox
- Putu toys and grooming tools
- Harness
- Cat waterbowls & bowl
- A cage
- A clothes carrier


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