Project SAVE is Malaysia’s leading animal welfare platform featuring over 200,000 animals, with 69,342 happily adopted and 25,865 for adoption. The proposed Stray Assistance & Volunteer Empowerment (SAVE) network would serve as a one-stop logistics platform for people to assist stray animals, contribute to needy shelters and rescuers, and conveniently locate nearby vet clinics and pet services.

Over 26,000 rescuers and shelters on will directly benefit from the SAVE platform by more effectively sourcing for donations of food and essential items, volunteers, cost-effective vet treatment and disaster aid, with a projected RM 2,500,000 cost savings / year. Over 65% of the rescuers belong to the low-income B40 group, and this would significantly reduce their burden.

Tens of thousands of homeless animals will benefit from better care and environment, with higher donations raised and additional volunteers engaged. More animals will be adopted to loving families with greater exposure to animal lovers and volunteers.

We are urgently fundraising to kickstart this project as there are many aid requests from nationwide rescuers, especially those from lower income groups. Thank you for helping save homeless animals!
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The Challenge

Shelters and rescuers are burdened by the high costs of caring for stray animals, especially in food, essential items and medical care. Shelters often spend tens of thousands each month to sustain a few hundred animals, while independent rescuers incur a significant portion of their monthly salaries to feed, rescue and care for strays. There is also a high long term cost for many years of sustaining animals that are not adopted, especially the old, sick or aggressive ones. It is challenging to consistently raise funds for such high expenses, and with limited funds, many stray animals could not be optimally rescued, cared for, or rehomed.

Additionally, it is often challenging for shelters and rescue groups to find suitable volunteers, be it for helping out at the shelter, fundraising and adoption events, or to assist in disaster relief such as rescuing animals during flash floods. Many people may wish to volunteer, but are unsure of the means or channels to conveniently do so, and it requires considerable manual effort for shelters to organize these volunteers.

Pet owners are often faced with the challenge of finding suitable vet clinics or pet services, especially during urgent times of need when their pets are sick or injured.

Our Strategy

Shelter & Rescuer Aid System

  • Shelters & rescuers publish Aid Requests for food & essential items
  • Donors browse Aid Requests, system suggests best matches
  • Donors submit donation offers, receive confirmation & delivery details
  • Conveniently donate & help nearby needy shelters & rescuers
  • Ratings, reviews & reward badges to encourage donor contributions

Volunteer Recruitment System

  • Shelters & rescuers create Volunteer Requests with tasks & requirements
  • Animal lovers easily find nearby volunteering activities & help animals
  • System suggests suitable volunteering tasks to keep volunteers engaged
  • Shelters & rescuers can manage volunteers, assign tasks & schedules
  • Review, ratings & reward badges to encourage volunteering

Pet Services System

  • Shelters & rescuers can locate vets & pet services with stray-friendly features
  • Reduce pet rescue & medical costs
  • Quick location of vets during emergencies
  • Animal lovers easily find suitable vets & pet services, navigational directions
  • Ratings & reviews to share customer experience

Integrated Map & Navigation

  • All systems & services integrated into universal SAVE logistics map
  • Locate nearby shelters & rescuers in need, volunteering opportunities & pet services
  • Navigational directions & GPS integration
  • Increases pet adoptions at shelters by generating higher visitor traffic
  • Easily share aid requests & volunteering tasks with friends

Strong Impact

Estimated annual impact of this project:
  • 2,000 aid requests & 10,000 donations to shelters & rescuers, estimated value of RM 1,000,000
  • 300 volunteer requests & 1,500 volunteers, estimated value of RM 1,000,000
  • Reduction in medical costs, estimated savings of RM 500,000
  • 20% increase in pet adoptions
  • SAVE ecosystem with over RM 2,500,000 / year in value for shelters and rescuers
Besides empowering rescuers and shelters in Malaysia, the impact of this project can be scaled globally.

Similar stray situation and fundraising issues exist worldwide, and we hope to refine and adapt SAVE to benefit global shelters and rescuers.

Consequently, the global shelters and rescuers are able to save more animals, as less human and financial resources are needed to sustain each animal, and when they are adopted more easily. The government and local authorities will be faced with less stray issues, leading to a safer, happier living environment for both humans and animals.

Project Cost & Timeline

We estimate the project cost to be RM 500,000. We hope to raise RM 250,000 to kick start Phase 1 of the project, while we continue to raise further funds for subsequent development of SAVE.

This project will span 18 months, with the first 9 months developing the SAVE core system and donation of food & necessities, while the second 9 months will focus on volunteer management features. The live production system will be deployed in phases once each key component is ready, so we can help more animals with the new system as soon as possible.

Thank you for helping us realize our vision of saving more animals!

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