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Shopee is collaborating with PetFinder to help homeless animals!

Please click on the "Shop Now" button or links to buy products from ANY category at Shopee, and PetFinder will receive a small contribution from Shopee for your purchases.

You will need to click on the links before placing each order to ensure that it is accurately tracked under PetFinder.

Thank you for supporting animal welfare and saving precious lives.
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Frequently-Asked Questions
Is this completely free for me?
Yes, there is zero cost for you! Shopee is kindly contributing to PetFinder through your sales, so you get to shop and save lives at the same time!

Does it apply to all Shopee products?
Yes! You can purchase items from any Shopee category, not just the pet ones.

Do I need to click on the PetFinder links before each purchase?
Yes, the link is only valid for the immediate purchase after the link is clicked.

Please click on our links before placing each order to ensure it is properly tracked under PetFinder.

We suggest that you bookmark this page, so you can return here when making new Shopee purchases.

How do I ensure my Shopee purchases are tracked under PetFinder?
Please ensure that you click on links in this page before placing each order on Shopee.

For example, if you place an order today, and another order tomorrow, you must click our links twice, before each order.

After clicking on the link, you will be directed to Shopee's website or app. When you check out and make payment at Shopee, your order will then be associated with PetFinder.

Facebook app does not launch Shopee's app, only shows mobile website
At Facebook browser's Shopee page, please click on the upper right menu, then select "Open With Shopee". Please ensure that you have installed Shopee's app first.

My phone's browser does not launch Shopee's app, only their mobile website
Do you have Shopee's app installed? If so, please check your browser's settings. For Samsung Browser, please go to the browser's Settings > Useful Features and enable the "Open links in other apps" option.

If it only opens the Shopee mobile website, then you will have to complete the purchase there or use your computer instead.

Something doesn't work. Can you help me?
If you have any questions, please contact us for further assistance.